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Long Shot Spray Adapter

Long Shot Spray Adapter

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 Ever wanted a way to reach longer distances with your soft wash system? The Long Shot Spray  Adapter is an adapter that can be used on a painter pole with ACME threads. The Long Shot Spray Adapter will help you get to higher places on vertical walls as well as allow you to add a little distance when cleaning large roofs that you can't walk but just need a longer shot to get you there.

Perfect for those hard to reach area on house or commercial buildings that you might not can reach without a little help.  Also great for applying your mix to surfaces that up high and you want to control overspray due to wind.  This Long Shot Spray Adapter will help you to get closer to the surface, helping to prevent or reduce overspray.

The adapter comes ready for you to add your 1/4" MPT plug and 1/4" MPT quick connect or you can purchase them separately on our web site.   Be sure to purchase these separately as they do not come with it like in the picture.

Are you just starting out in the pressure washing business?  Be sure to check out our Online Pressure Washing School.

Any questions about any products we well be sure to use our Contact Page.


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