Most Asked Questions

How long does it take to get my shipment?
That really is all dependent on the shipper. We do not make promises on shipping times. If you pay extra for expedited shipping, and it does not arrive in the time frame you paid for, we do not offer refunds for that. That is the shipper issue, and you’d need to contact them. In the state of Texas, most shipments arrive the next day. All other states are usually 2-4 days depending on how far you are from us.
Do you accept phone orders?
While we do prefer that orders be placed through the web site, we can do phone orders based on our availability. Most phone orders we do after we close at 3PM.
Can I pick up at your location?
Yes, local orders can be picked up during normal business hours. 9-12 & 1-3 Monday-Thursday, 9-12 Friday. We can also be available after hours by appointment.
Can I use my shooter tip for rinsing and applying bleach?
Yes you can, you just need a way to turn your bleach mix off, by using a Downstream Bypass Injector, a Flow Pro remote system, or simply dropping your siphon tube into a clean water bucket.
How will my Jrod spray?
Depends on the GPM of your machine. But 4GPM-6PM you can usually get 2-3 stories. 7 GPM and up you can get 3-4 stories. This all depends on the wind and other variables.
Why does the shipping cost seem high?
We try to get you the best rate possible. In cases that the shipping rate is less than what you are charged, we always refund the difference.

Store Hours

Monday – Thursday:
9am – 12pm & 1pm – 3pm

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