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Drain Cleaning Jet Hose

Drain Cleaning Jet Hose

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We use our Drain Cleaning Jet Hose (also called sewer hose) to clean out clogged French or pool drains as well as stopped-up gutters. Our one-time investment in a hose and nozzle has paid off many times. Cleaning a pool deck and notice that the pool drain doesn't actually drain? Your homeowner probably has a clogged drain line, and if you have our jetting hose and nozzle, you can easily upsell a drain clean-out to resolve the problem. You'll be a hero to your client AND make a little extra money.

When you're starting to clean a drain, make sure you put the hose into the pipe about a foot or so before you start your pressure washer. Jetting nozzles spray both forwards and backwards, and you don't want highly-pressurized water coming back at you. After you start your machine, feed the hose a couple feet at a time into the pipe. I usually feed two or three feet and then back up a foot. That backward-facing spray will help pull the hose down the pipe. The two-steps-forward, one-step back method helps the forward-facing jets break up any clogs in front of the nozzle and also allows backwards-facing ones to thoroughly wash away any sludge and remaining debris.

Once you're finished, draw the hose back towards you slowly to be certain you're getting that pipe good and clean. When the nozzle is about a foot away from the opening, shut off your machine. Remember, the nozzle needs to be inside of the pipe when you start and stop your pressure washer.

Our Drain Cleaning Jet Hose comes as 1/4" x 50' or 1/4" x 100'. I use a 50' hose because I've never needed a 100' one. It has 1/4" MPT threads at each end. This hose is lightweight and flexible to aid going around pipe elbows.

In addition to the hose, you'll need the Drain Cleaning Jet Nozzle (either fixed or rotating), a mechanism for starting and stopping the flow, and fittings to connect that to the hose. Some guys use a pressure spray gun, but I like to use a Ball Valve Jet Set Up. For me, it's less tiring to turn a ball valve once than to continuously grip the trigger of the gun. If you're purchase our Ball Valve Jet Set Up, you'll need, for your inlet fitting on the hose either a 1/4" FPT Socket or a 1/4" FPT Plug.


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