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Colored Quick Connect Nozzles

Colored Quick Connect Nozzles

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Adjusting your spray is a snap with these Colored Quick Connect Nozzles from General Pump, available individually or in a 5-nozzle pack.

We now offer Colored Quick Connect Nozzles from General Pump! You can choose individual nozzles in yellow (15°) or green (25°) in a variety of orifice sizes. Or opt for our economical 5-nozzle pack with red (0°), yellow, green, white (40°), and black (6540 soaper) nozzles.

You probably received a set of these nozzles when you first got your pressure washer.

Technically, the orifice size should match the flow rate of your pressure washer, but you may find it helpful to go up or down a half-size or so to adjust the pressure. So usually, you would choose a 5.0 orifice for a 5.0GPM pressure washer, but you might try a 4.5 or a 5.5 to see if you get better results. (A smaller orifice will give you more pressure.)

Doug primarily uses the yellow and green nozzles when he is using an adjustable wand. He likes the extra-wide fan for rinsing.

Each nozzle is color-coded for a specific angle, and the angles are consistent no matter the orifice size. All reds are 0°, all yellows 15°, etc. The black nozzle is always a 6540, so a 65° angle with a 4.0 orifice. You can use it no matter the flow rate of your pressure washer.

I have an awesome Online Pressure Washing School that is perfect if you are just starting a pressure washing business. You can also get some great tips at my YouTube Channel.

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