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Brass Lower Pressure Nozzles

Brass Lower Pressure Nozzles

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You can use these Brass Lower-Pressure Nozzles as a less-expensive alternative for chemical applications. They are rated for up to 500PSI, so they are perfect for soft-washing.  Use them to apply soap, chemical, acid, or wax. I switched to brass nozzles for soft washing a few years back, after noticing the stainless steel nozzle quality had gone down over the years. They just were not longer lasting near as long as they did years ago. Also I find the spray pattern is more consistent when using for soft washing.  So, I use Stainless Steel for Pressure Washing, Brass for Soft Washing.

You probably already know that due to its chemical makeup (copper and zinc), brass naturally resists rust. Even so, bleach can have a corrosive effect on any metal. To minimize this, flush your system after each use with clean water. With proper care and rinsing, these brass nozzles will last you quite a long time.

  • PSI: up to 500PSI
  • feather edge for wide coverage
  • allows overlap for even application
  • 1/4" MPT threading
  • excellent for low-pressure chemical and acid applications
  • uniform spray distribution with flow rates from .012 to 1237 GPM

I have an awesome Online Pressure Washing School that is perfect if you are just starting a pressure washing business. You can also get some great tips at my YouTube Channel.

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