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Big Slinger Soft Wash Ball Valve Gun

Big Slinger Soft Wash Ball Valve Gun

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This is my favorite applicator gun to use for soft washing when using our Big Slinger Soft Wash System. You'll get more distance from the Big Slinger soft wash ball valve gun set up like this since it doesn't have restrictions like a trigger gun does. Check out the video below on the different types of guns available and used by "Soft Washers." Comes ready to use with standard 3/4" thread x 5/8" barb for your 5/8 spray hose, and 1/4" coupler for your JROD Kit. For the Big Slinger you need to use 5/8 Spray Hose.

Do not use these soft wash guns with a Pressure Washer. They should only be used with a low pressure dedicated pump.

Which gun is best?

Choosing a Soft Wash Gun is more a matter of personal preference than someone telling you this gun or that gun is the best out there. I can only tell you what gun works best for me. Most often times, you have to try them all to figure out the best soft wash gun for you and your business.

Personally, I don't like the type with the long sprinkler riser coming off the ball valve. But many people do, and that's fine, because it works for them. I prefer using a ball valve-type gun, as it won't cause restrictions or loss of distance and flow like trigger guns. However, trigger guns are much safer, because if you drop one, it will immediately stop spraying.

Remember, you should not use this type of gun on a pressure washer. It's only for use with a soft wash dedicated pump.

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