Big Slinger Soft Wash


Big Slinger Soft Wash



Big Slinger Soft Wash

We’ve had a few requests on builds lately, for our Kingslinger system with 3/4″ valves, so we are making it available known as Big Slinger.  This is for the pump station only, as pictured, and does not include spray hose, plumbing kits, gun, Jrod kit, reel, etc.  If you need those items you can order through the links below.

The Big Slinger is basically the Kingslinger but with a 3/4 inch mixing valve for bleach and a 3/4″ non metered ball valve for water.  We do not add a 3rd valve for surfactant, since there is no need to meter surfactant.  Just add your surfactant to your bleach tank as needed.  Remember, you do not want to add a lot of surfactant, just use the recommended dosage on the label.  Using to much surfactant can actually slow the cleaning, or change of color, of the organic stains.

The Big Slinger will give you more volume and a tad more distance, if that is want your wanting.  You need to make sure you can control your spray technique though, so you are not flooding the surface.  As I have taught for many years, a light application, just making sure the surface is moist, will cause the bleach to change the color of the algae faster than if you are flood coating it.  So less is actually better.

Flexzilla 5/8 Spray Hose

Big Slinger Soft Wash Ball Valve Gun

Hose Reels

Jrod Nozzle Kit (choose 7GPM SoftWash Option)

Plumbing Kits (choose 2@3/4″ Option)

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Weight 186 oz
Dimensions 16 × 12 × 8 in


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