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Yellow Gutter Wash Brush

Yellow Gutter Wash Brush

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This 10 Inch yellow bristle brush is made of Polystyrene, a soft flagged bristle excellent for washing tucks, cars, RV's gutters, and more.    bristles and is our highest quality product. Polystyrene is a superior bristle that maintains it's original shape longer  Excellent brush for cleaning exterior of gutters of gutter striping.  I use my RAP cleaner at 15:1 for removing the gutter stripes.  Put in pump up sprayer and set the nozzle to the misting setting so you get some suds landing on the gutter and a few wipes and the streaks are gone.

  • 10" yellow brush
  • 1 Thread 1 Taper Hole with Bumper Guard
  • Handle or Pole not included

Here's a video of me using RAP for cleaning gutters.  More often than not we have to brush gutters, but occasionally we won't have to.  Just depends on the gutter.  This Yellow Gutter Wash Brush makes for easy work when brushing gutters.

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