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X-Jet Proportioner Tips

X-Jet Proportioner Tips

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The X-Jet Proportioner Tips come in a pack of fifteen color-coded tips. These tiny tips fit into the brass hose barb on the X-Jet Modified Gun and control the amount of surfactant that is released

The tips come in a pack with a pre-printed "cheat sheet" that lists the different colors and the dilution rate they will give you. There are fifteen different tips, ranging from gray to clear. Each color designates a different orifice size and thus a different ratio rate.

When you choose a tip, make sure to account for the flow rate of your pressure washer. Dilution rates will vary according to your GPM. For example, when using the beige proportioner tip, you would get a dilution rate of 8-1 with a 4GPM pressure washer. With a 5GPM, you'd get 10-1. And with an 8GPM, you'd get a whopping 20-1. The enclosed "cheat sheet" includes all this information.

For more information and detailed instructions for using the X-Jet Proportioner Tips, please refer to the X-Jet Instruction Manual.

Please note that X-Jet recommends NOT USING the tips when you are house washing with bleach. Instead, mix your bleach to your desired ratio in a five-gallon pail.


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