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X-Jet Modified Gun

X-Jet Modified Gun

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Due to the many calls, emails, and texts you've sent to see if we sell the gun "just like Doug has in the video", we are now offering the X-Jet Modified Gun for purchase.

This includes the X-Jet nozzle, the Suttner Black Spray Gun, the 12 inch Star-Shaped Grip, the quick connects, and the 1/4" fittings. Be sure to select your gun inlet fitting plug or a socket to connect to your pressure hose. 

You can choose ready to use or unassembled and put it together yourself. For the pre-assembled gun, select Ready-To-Use (RTU). If you'd like to build your gun yourself, choose DIY

If you are fairly handy--and already have an X-Jet nozzle--check out the video below to modify your own.

X-jet recommends when using the X-Jet for house washing with bleach, to NOT use the colored proportioners.  You would mix your bleach mix in the bucket to the percentage or ratio of how you want to apply it. This modified gun does NOT come with the colored proportioners, but wanted to add this as it is a FAQ.

It is important to know, that when using the Modified X-jet, you should only use the two larger nozzles on your Jrod, this would be the larger shooter nozzle (soap high) and the larger soap nozzle (soap low).  Using the two smaller nozzles, the rinse high and rinse low nozzles, will cause back pressure and cause water or mix to come out of the hose barb. This will force the hose off the barb.  So, remember to use only the two nozzles with the larger holes.



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