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X-Jet M5DS Twist Nozzle

X-Jet M5DS Twist Nozzle

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The X-Jet M5DS Twist Nozzle allows you to adjust your spray pattern with just a turn of the nozzle. You literally twist the nozzle to go from long-distance shooter to wide-spread fan and back again.

The Twist is based on the X-Jet Chemical Injection Nozzle, a popular alternative to downstreaming. 'Traditional' X-Jetting involves a nozzle with a built-in chemical injector and includes colored tips to control the strength of your mix. It connects to a pail of chemical via a 15-foot hose with shut-off valve.

Cleaning with the X-Jet M5DS Twist Nozzle is more like old-school downstreaming--there's no injector on the nozzle itself, and you use a standard chemical injector (like this one here), connected just after the pump on your pressure washer. But it's downstreaming with a twist--instead of switching out nozzles, you adjust the spray by simply turning the nozzle. Need a focused stream to go a great distance? Turn it one way. Need a wide fan-shaped spray for applying up close? Turn it the other. And you can adjust the spray anywhere in between those extremes.

The X-Jet M5DS Twist Nozzle comes in three different sizes, so you can choose the size that is right for your pressure washer. Choose the nozzle size that corresponds to the GPM of your pressure washer.

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