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Whisper Wash Replacement Bar

Whisper Wash Replacement Bar

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The machined and balanced Whisper Wash Replacement Bar is precisely designed to eliminate unbalanced rotation and provide longer life for bearings and seals. Additionally, this balanced rotation of the spray bar means the spray tips are always at the correct angle.

What's more, Whisper Wash builds their Surface Cleaners with double row thrust bearings in their swivel systems so that they rotate smoothly. This means Whisper Wash Surface Cleaners have at least twice the bearing surface area of most other industry flat surface cleaners. Greater surface area translates into greater rotation power and smoother operation.

Plus, Whisper Wash makes these right in the USA!

So, go ahead and order a four-nozzle bar to add flexibility to your system or a second two-nozzle bar to keep as back-up. The 19" bar fits the Whisper Wash Classic and Ultra Clean; the 24" bar fits the Ground Force and the Lil Big Guy; and the 28" bar fits the Big Guy. 

Check out his informative video below.

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