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Water Boss Water Gun

Water Boss Water Gun

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The water boss water gun should be used with high volume low pressure chemical and water applicators.  I do not recommend these for 12Volt or air diaphragm systems as it reduces flow and distance.  Use only for the gas powered high volume chemical applicators.

Please remember that anything that has bleach running through it, will eventually fail are not warrantied.  We do have repair kits available should you want to purchase those as well.

Comes with the 1/2" stainless steel swivel which you will need to install yourself, and two extra tips. One tip is for reduced flow and the other one is for higher flow.  You'll need to test them out to see which one you like best.

I do like the grip as it's very comfortable and much lighter than the red and blue guns everyone has been using.  I never used those because I did not like the weight of them when cleaning houses or buildings. The gun has stainless steel internals and a no snag trigger guard.

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