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Uniseal Bulkheads

Uniseal Bulkheads

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Size of Uni Seal


Uniseals are a great alternative to traditional bulk heads that require fittings like hose barbs.  I have been using these for over a year now, and I love how they eliminate any risk of an air leak.  When you are using traditional bulkheads, especially for soft wash dedicated pumps like the Kingslinger or a 12V pump, you are creating points that could cause air leaks.  These air leaks will cause your system to suck in air, and not perform the way it is supposed to.

I use the 1/2 inch for my Kingslinger to draw my water and bleach from the tanks to the Kingslinger pump station to the GF blending valves. Inside the tank I use a small piece of 3/4 inch PVC pipe and a 3/4 inch PVC 90 to hold the hose to the bottom.  I do not use a filter of any type because the 3/4 inch 90 keep the hose elevated a little off the bottom.  Filters can cause restriction so I like to make sure I get full flow through the hose to the pump.

Uni Seal Bulkheads Tank

For downstreaming I use the 1/2 inch Uniseal Bulkheads, I cut a small piece of 1/2 clear braid hose, and insert that into the Uniseal, then I run the 1/4 inch clear braid downstream hose through the 1/2 inch hose.  I do this because the 1/4 inch Uniseal is not large enough for the 1/2 inch clear braid hose.

Hole Saw Specs for installation:

Size (inches) Pipe ID Pipe OD Hole Saw Size
inch mm inch mm inch mm
 1/2 0.25 12.7 0.84 21 1.25 31.7
 3/4 0.75 19 1.05 27 1.25 31.7
1 1 25 1.315 33 1.75 44.4
1 1/2 1.5 38 1.9 48 2.5 63.5
2 2 50 2.375 60 3 76.2



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