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Two Way Barbed Valve

Two Way Barbed Valve

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Install the 3/8 Two Way Barbed Valve to control the flow of surfactant or bleach when you use your X-Jet Modified Gun. This tiny ball valve has two identical hose barbs, one on either side of the lever. Use a short length of clear braid hose to connect one barb to the injector on the gun. Attach a longer length of hose to the second barb and connect it to your X-Jet Pail or chemical bucket.

To use this with the X-Jet gun, you'll want to order the valve with 3/8" barbs. To help the hose slip onto the barb more easily, you can lubricate it with a little soap or heat the hose with a heat gun. You'll probably want a pair of hose clamps to hold the hoses in place.

If you're dealing with 1/4" hose, choose the 1/4" barbs.

You can order clear braid hose here. It is available in lengths of 25', 50', 75', and 100'. Make sure to choose hose with an inner diameter that matches the size of the Two-Way Barbed Valve.


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