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The Soft E

The Soft E

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I've been asked quite a bit over the last year or so about providing a simple and easy portable 12V system for soft washing.  The Soft E is a compact and portable 12V system that can be easily moved in and out of a truck or trailer as needed.  Several of you have asked for something that you can throw on the back of your truck or trailer and use as needed for soft washing and roof cleaning.

This system comes with the Flo Jet 6 GPM 70 PSI 12V pump, 2- 3/4" mixing valves, one meter valve for bleach, one ball valve for water, and heavy duty power switch, all mounted, plumbed, and wired on an easy to move transportable stand.  You could also easily install & mount it in your truck or trailer if you wanted to. The pump is an auto shut off pump, which means when you let off the trigger, the pump stops pumping. I've run this pump many times all day and never had an issue.

Use only 5/8" or 3/4" spray hose.  Do not use 1/2" hose, as it will restrict the pump and cause premature failure.  For this pump I use the 0040,0030, 2540, and 4040 nozzles.

Great for Residential or Commercial Use

I've been using this Flo Jet electric pump for a few months on our commercial rig and it's been working great and I really like it. As with anything with bleach running through it, be sure to rinse with clean water, thoroughly, after each use.  The pump is not warrantied, so you may want to consider purchasing a back up for when this one fails. It's quick and easy to change out and get back o work. The Remco pumps we use to use, and that are shown in the video's below, we had some issue's with the switch and relay going bad, so we have switched to this Flo Jet.  We have not any issues so far.

You will need to provide, or purchase on our site, 5/8 spray hose, plumbing kit's from the valves to the tanks, tank fittings if using bulkheads, but I use Uni Seal gaskets, hose reel if you want one, gun and Jrod kit. You'll also need to purchase the battery, a small 12V Lawn and Garden battery will work for light duty use. I use a larger Group 29 RV/Marine Battery for longer run times and more consistent use.

Are you starting a pressure washing business? Check out my Online Pressure Washing School that will help you drastically cut your learning curve. You can also get some great pressure washing tips and tricks at my YouTube Channel. As always, if you have any questions I can help you with, please use our CONTACT FORM.


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