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Suttner ST-1500H Open Gun

Suttner ST-1500H Open Gun

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This Suttner ST-1500H Open Gun has no trigger handle and is best used for those that use very low pressure nozzles, or are experienced in using a ball valve to open and close flow to the gun. Commonly called a weep gun, it most often used in the car wash industry.  The water continually flows through the gun, and helps to prevent lines from freezing in colder areas that are prone to freeze.

I like using the Suttner ST-1500H Open Gun because it's very lightweight and I no longer have to use zip ties to keep the handle open.  We rarely ever use high pressure nozzles, since we are downstreaming, but when we do, we switch to the Suttner Non-Weep Gun.

Designed for Manual Start Machines.  Flow through design requires pressure washer to be off after use.

  • 3/8" FPT Inlet
  • 1/4" FPT Outlet
  • 300°F. Maximum

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