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Suttner Gun Repair Kit

Suttner Gun Repair Kit

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For those of you who like to "do it yourself!" Even quality equipment occasionally needs repairs. Use this Suttner Gun Repair Kit from Suttner to get some extra life out of your Suttner Orange Spray Gun.  This repair kit works for the ST2305 orange and black guns, and will also work for the Legacy Guns on our site.

Includes instructions and diagrams. There is also a video below that I walk you through how to repair your gun. 

I always suggest having a couple spare guns ready to use.  This way if a gun fails, and starts leaking, then you can easily switch it out, and continue on the job. Always try to have yourself set up to do only quick field repairs.  Items like this, just switch it out, then do the repair later back at the shop.

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