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Steel Hex Reducing Coupler

Steel Hex Reducing Coupler

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 Reduces from 3/8" to 1/4". Hex makes tightening with a wrench much easier. I install a 3/8 MPT Quick Connect on one side and a 1/4" MPT Quick Connect on the other side.  I can then connect the 3/8" side to my pressure hose, where my gun would normally go, and my Jrod Downstream nozzle on the 1/4" side.  Now I can easily apply my bleach mix and rinse using the low pressure nozzles, High Soap and Low Soap nozzles.  This makes it much easier eliminating the gun.  DO NOT use this set up with high pressure nozzles like the Rinse Low and High nozzles on the Jrod, or the Green, Yellow, White, Red tips that come with pressure washers.

Can also be used on a sludge sucker if you build one using the 3/8" MPT Quick Connect and the 1/4" MPT plug. This allows you to use a wand lance from a gun and prevents bending over to reach the sludge sucker.

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