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ST-456 Rotating Turbo Nozzle

ST-456 Rotating Turbo Nozzle

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The Suttner ST-456 Rotating Turbo Nozzle is a great accessory to have in your toolkit. It will give you the power of a zero-degree pattern. The circular motion also adds extra agitation--great when you are cleaning tough jobs like caked-on mud. Suttner has designed their turbo nozzles to improve cleaning efficiency 200% over a standard 25-degree flat-fan nozzle.

Makes cleaning curbs much easier and faster.

Turbo nozzle comes as pictured.  If you need a 1/4" high pressure filter or just want the 1/4" male plug fitting you will need to order those separately.  The high pressure filter comes with the male plug fitting.

Suttner's ST-456 Rotating Turbo Nozzle is built to last. It has a precision ceramic orifice, matching seat, and a high-strength forged brass housing; no gears, teeth, or bearings to wear out. When the nozzle or seat begins to wear, you can easily replace parts and extend the life of your turbo nozzle even longer.


  • Increases cleaning efficiency as much as 200%.
  • The 0° rotation creates a cleaning and tearing action.
  • Ideal for hard surfaces.
  • Improved materials for longer life.
  • Rated for up to 5000PSI and 212 degrees F.

Always start Turbo Nozzles in a downward position.

Choose your orifice size based on the flow rate of your pressure washer.  As a rule, a smaller orifice will give greater pressure as it restricts the flow. Don't go too small, though; a nozzle with too small an orifice can potentially create an excessive load for your pressure washer.

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