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Poly Three Way Valve

Poly Three Way Valve

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I use this Poly Three Way Valve when downstreaming to rinse my downstream injector out when not using chemical.  Using this  valve when downstreaming will prolong the life of your injectors because you are continually rinsing and never letting your chemical sit in the injector.  One line goes to the chemical mix, one to the fresh water supply, and the main to the injector.  I have heard many different ways to extend the life of injector, from spraying lithium grease or WD40 into the injector, to soaking the injector in vinegar, and even flushing the injector with some of the so-called "Bleach Neutralizers."  I have tried them all, and trust me when I tell you, using this ball valve and continually flushing with water is the only thing I have found to extend the life.

Quick Tip: Keep spare injectors ready to use so when one goes bad or doesn't draw, you can quickly change it out and keep making money.

Down Streaming is my favorite way to clean.  It's the original soft wash cleaning method.

Check out my Online Pressure Washing School that will help you drastically cut your learning curve. You can also get some great pressure washing tips and tricks at my YouTube Channel. As always, if you have any questions I can help you with, please use our CONTACT FORM.


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