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Plumbing Kit with Uniseal®

Plumbing Kit with Uniseal®

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Hose Inner Diameter

 I stopped using a plumbing kit with a traditional screw-type bulkhead. Now, I use this Plumbing Kit with Uniseal®. Uniseal® is a single piece of molded rubber-like TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) that allows you to feed a pipe or hose directly into a tank while maintaining a leak-proof seal. This eliminates the chance of an air leak at the tank, which saves time when trying to chase down and air leak.

For the Kingslinger here is what I recommend:

One 1/2 inch Uniseal kit for water

One 1/2 inch Uniseal for Bleach.  I add my soap to my bleach so I have no need for a soap tank plumbing kit

If you want to use a plumbing kit for a soap tank, then I recommend this.

One 1/2 inch Uniseal Kit...use a small piece of 1/2 inch clear braid hose to insert in the Uniseal and then run your 1/4 inch hose through that.

Uni Seal 1:4 Inch Downstreaming

Use a short piece of PVC pipe- 1/2 inch for 1/4" hose, or 3/4 inch for 1/2 inch hose to keep the hose weighted down in the tank, and then slide the hose through the PVC 90 or 45.

The Plumbing Kit with Uniseal® includes the seal, 25 feet of clear braid hose (with clamp), and a 45° PVC elbow to attach to the hose inside the tank. Choose the inner diameter of the hose in the drop-down. Typically, we recommend 1/2" for a water or bleach tank and 1/2" for a soap tank, but see directions above for the soap tank.


Installation is simple. After you cut a hole in the top of the tank, you insert the seal by forcing the flanges on one side of the ring into the hole. Lubricate your hose or pipe with liquid dish soap or your favorite surfactant (hello, King's Kling!) and push it through the hole. The TPE will conform to the shape of the hose or pipe, and you'll have a super-tight seal.

Benefits of using a Uniseal®:

  • Long-lasting
  • Resistant to acids, oils, greases, gasoline, and sewage
  • Withstands pressure and suction
  • Withstands heat and cold
  • Easy installation

Hole Sizes

To accommodate your Uniseal®, you will need to cut the hole in your tank larger than the diameter of your hose. Use the table below to determine what size hole saw to use.

  • 3/8" hose -- 1"
  • 1/2" hose -- 1.25"
  • 3/4" hose -- 1.25"

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