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nLITE® Power Brush Complete, flagged

nLITE® Power Brush Complete, flagged

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Unger water fed pole cleaning brush for streak and spot free glass for small and large windows.  Comes in 11' and 16" options.  I recommend having both sizes.

  • Outstanding down to the last detail: a fully optimized brush concept prepares you for almost any challenge. Flagged bristles are softer for gentle cleaning, giving you a better glide on glass. Recommended for cleaning smaller particles and debris.
  • Inner bristles with extremely high cleaning performance, comparable to natural hair bristles
  • Longer outer bristles for easy gliding
  • Nozzle block integrated in the middle of the brush for powerful dirt removal
  • Includes hose with quick connector
  • Flushing rinse bar attached above the brush for powerful rinsing
  • Swivel lock allows brush to swivel freely through 180°

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