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nLITE® Hybrid Brush Complete

nLITE® Hybrid Brush Complete

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Perfect brush for heavily soiled windows.  I use this most often on windows that have really bad mildew or other organic stains on them.

Heavily soiled windows pose a challenge for pure water cleaning. Solar panels or window fronts in particular, are exposed to the weather on a daily basis, which can cause stubborn dirt deposits to form. To remove these impurities thoroughly and effectively, Unger has developed the nLITE Hybrid brush. Stubborn dirt has no chance against the combination of wild boar and synthetic bristles, supported by the Power Bristle technology!

  • The ultimate cleaning performance
  • Easier gliding and less weight than all-natural-hair brushes.
  • Wild boar bristles on the outside
  • Power Bristle technology on the inside: tough scrubbing power, easy gliding, low water absorption
  • Nozzle block integrated in the middle of the brush for powerful dirt removal
  • Including hose with quick connector
  • Use caution and proper brush maintenance when cleaning solar panels

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