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Mosmatic Hose Swivel

Mosmatic Hose Swivel

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 We use this Mosmatic Hose Swivel on our ball valve set up for keeping the control of our hoses and preventing them from twisting up.  Provides much batter hose management, less stress on hoses, and allows gun to move more freely.

  • Mount the DGV series to any type of high pressure gun, lance or whip line for an easy turning, low maintenance gun swivel.
  • An extra long stainless steel shaft guarantees stability and durability against side torque and heavy use.
  • 3/8MPTx3/8FPT
  • This is the swivel most often used for on a ball valve set up.  This helps to keep your hoses from getting all twisted up while your cleaning


  • 4000 PSI maximum
  • 250 F maximum
  • 30 RPM maximum
  • Stainless steel bearing
  • Length: 2.7"

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