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Kings Hose Reel Stack Kit

Kings Hose Reel Stack Kit

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Stacking Kit for Kings Hose Reels. Assembly required. Includes mounting hardware.

If you've got more than one Kings hose reel, you definitely need the Kings Hose Reel Stack Kit. With it, you can add a second reel without sacrificing any extra "reel" estate in the bed of your truck or trailer. You can even add a second stack kit to make a three-reel tower.

This stack kit is made specifically to fit the full-framed Kings Hose Reels. You cannot use it to stack A-frame reels or reels with U-shaped bases. To stack two A-frame reels, check out this stack kit.

Installation of the Kings Hose Reel Stack Kit is easy! No welding required! Simply bolt the stacking kit on with the included hardware. The open portion of the kit frame sits on top of the end panel of the bottom reel. After that, the second reel bolts on top of the kit's opposite side. Voilà! 

Reels not included and must be purchased separately.

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