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Kings Hose Reel

Kings Hose Reel

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Made in the USA with high quality components, a Kings Hose Reel is a great choice for your spray equipment. The aluminum frame is lightweight and corrosion-resistant, and the swivel and manifold are stainless steel. This reel can handle pressures up to 5000 psi and comes equipped with 1/2" Female NPT inlet/outlet. Manufactured by Kings Sprayers with high quality components.

This model is 12" between the discs and will hold up to 200' of 1/2" ID hose or 300' of 3/8" ID. Hose reels are manufactured in 12", 18" and 22" in manual or electric rewind.

I used a Kings Hose Reel for my garden hose, pressure hose and my soft wash hose on one of my rigs. You can also get two stack kits and stack all 3 on top of each other if needed to save space.

When ordering, you will need a reducing bushing for your 3/8 hose to hook up to it. You'll need the 1/2" MPT x 3/8" FPT.

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