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JROD Nozzle Holder

JROD Nozzle Holder

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 Use the JROD Nozzle Holder to hold your pressure washing nozzles when you're downstreaming or soft washing. The traditional JROD holds up to four 1/4" MPT nozzles, all lined up, and uses quick connects so you can easily change from one nozzle to another.

Generally, you'll want two soap and two rinse nozzles. Your soap nozzles will have orifices (holes or openings) two (or more) sizes larger than your rinse nozzles. So if you're soaping with an 0030, you would rinse with an 0010.
Then, you'll want a "high" and a "low" of each type. For me, "high" nozzles are usually 0° (shooter tip) and "low" nozzles are usually 25° (fan tip). In the example above, I'd choose 0010 (rinse high), 2510 (rinse low), 0030 (soap high) and 2530 (soap low).


  • No more wet pockets or lost nozzles
  • Holds three or four 1/4" MPT nozzles
  • Quickly attach the JROD to your lance
  • Slide the holder to the nozzle you choose to use
  • Nozzles sold separately
  • Always be sure nozzle holder is seated correctly before pulling trigger.

I have an awesome Online Pressure Washing School that is perfect if you are just starting a pressure washing business. You can also get some great tips at my YouTube Channel.

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