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HydroPower® Ultra Entry 20' Kit

HydroPower® Ultra Entry 20' Kit

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The HydroPower® Ultra Entry 20' Kit includes everything you need to clean windows like a pro! Now you'll be able to wash windows quickly and efficiently, with no streaks or spots. Best of all, you'll never have to pull out a squeegee or a ladder!

What's the secret? Unger's cutting-edge HydroPower® Ultra system. The smart guys at Unger have developed something called FloWater Technology. This HydroPower® Ultra system takes advantage of this technology and circulates the water evenly throughout the whole tank. What does this mean for you? Your resin will last longer and be more efficient

Kit includes

  • HydroPower® Ultra Small Tank (including Key Lock Ultra Resin Pack)
  • nLite Aluminum Master Pole, 4 Sections. totaling 20′
  • Hi FLo nLite Hose, 36′
  • HiFlo MultiLink Adapter
  • HiFlo nLite Rectangular Brush, 11″

Cleaning 2nd Story Windows with a Single Pole. You can also purchase an additional 10 Foot extension pole.

So how will you be able to clean windows on the second floor safely from the ground with no ladder? And get them spotless with no squeegee?

First, hook your system up to a local water source. Then, as the water flows through the tank, Unger's ion exchange Ultra Resin removes all impurities. The result? Pure, deionized water with zero Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). Next, the deionized water will flow through your pole to the surface you're cleaning. Once there, the pure water will attract and trap surface dirt. Almost immediately, any remaining water will evaporate, leaving no spots. In no time at all, you'll have clean, streak-free windows!

Become a Quick-Change Artist

Also, you can exchange the color-coded Key Lock Ultra Resin Packs on the fly. Since they "lock" them in place, you'll know they're installed correctly. Additionally, FastLock Opening allows you to easily open and lock the filter.

Please note, HydroPower® Ultra Entry 20' Kits will not work with HydroPower Original Resin Bags. Instead, you will need Key Lock Ultra Resin Packs with green lids. You can buy these individually or in packs of three.

Want to reach even greater heights? Ask us about Unger's nLite Carbon Extension Poles! Clean up to five stories without leaving the ground!

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