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HydroPower® Ultra DI Tank

HydroPower® Ultra DI Tank

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Choose from small (one bag) or large (three bag) tanks. Large tank is available with optional cart.

The HydroPower® Ultra DI Tank from Unger is part of their HydroPower® Ultra professional window cleaning system. This equipment is the fastest, safest, and most efficient way to clean outdoor glass surfaces. The tank holds pre-measured packs of ion exchange resin. When water runs through the tank, the resin removes impurities from drinking water. This gives you 100% demineralized (deionized) water and a spot-free finish! No soap, no squeegee!

HydroPower® Ultra requires no electricity! It runs on water pressure from the drinking water line. With water pressure between 40 and 60 PSI, the system produces up to 1.5 gpm of pure water. Each tank comes with a built-in TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) meter which will alert you when your resin is no longer able to remove impurities. When the meter reads over 10ppm, simply open the tank, grab the KeyLock Ultra Resin Pack by the handle, and replace the resin with a fresh one. Installing fresh resin is quick and easy!

The HydroPower® Ultra DI Tank comes in two sizes, pre-loaded with resin. The small tank holds one green KeyLock Ultra Resin Pack while the large tank holds three: one green and two red. The green pack sits on top of the red packs so that it can it lock into the tank lid.

The large tank is also available with a handy cart to make moving from one position to another simple and easy.

The HydroPower® Ultra DI Tanks are also available as part of the HydroPower® Ultra Entry Kit or the HydroPower® Ultra Advanced Kit.

Order replacement resin packs here. If you have a large tank, make sure to order RSUHPR3.

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