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HydroPower® Resin Bags 4Pk

HydroPower® Resin Bags 4Pk

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The HydroPower® Resin Bags 4Pk is for use with the original (legacy) HydroPower® window cleaning system. If your HydroPower® DI tank has a gray lid, this is the resin that you want!

Each HydroPower® Resin Bag contains a pre-portioned amount of Unger's high capacity premium grade virgin mixed bed resin in a water-permeable bag. Water entering the DI tank flows through the resin, which removes impurities and produces pure, deionized water. Then the pure water captures the dirt and impurities on the surface your cleaning, leaving you a clean, streak-free, spot-free surface! No soap or squeegee required!

The Resin Bags allow you to quickly replace resin. No more scooping resin out of a flimsy bag and into the tank. You will know it is time for new resin when your SDS meter reads about 10ppm. When it does, simply remove the bag with the expired resin and insert a new one. In no time at all, you're back in business!

Each HydroPower® Resin Bags 4Pk includes a sturdy pail for convenient storage and disposal.

You will know if you have a legacy HydroPower® unit if it has a gray lid. The HydroPower® Ultra units have  green lids. Resin bags are not compatible with the Ultra units.

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