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HydroPower® Original Resin Bag

HydroPower® Original Resin Bag

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Each HydroPower® Original Resin Bag was designed for use with the original (legacy) HydroPower® professional window cleaning system. If you bought your system before the changeover to HydroPower® Ultra, this is the resin you want. This simple, efficient system will give you spot-free windows without using soap or a squeegee!

Here's how it works: You put the resin bag in the tank and connect the tank to the water supply. As water flows through the tank, the ion exchange resin in the bag removes the impurities from the water. But that's not all! The now-deionized water attracts and traps dirt from the surface being cleaned. The 100% pure water left on the surface dries to a spot-free finish. With the HydroPower system, window cleaning is a quick, easy, and profitable upsell!

The system even lets you know when it is time to replace your resin. Each tank has a built-in TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) meter. When the reading on the meter exceeds 10ppm, it's time for a new HydroPower® Original Resin Bag. Just open the tank, removed the exhausted resin bag, and replace it with a new one. It's as easy as that!

You'll know if you have a legacy HydroPower unit if it has a gray lid. The HydroPower Ultra units have  green lids. Resin bags will not work in the Ultra units.

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