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HiFlo nLite Carbon Extension Pole 11'

HiFlo nLite Carbon Extension Pole 11'

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The HiFlo nLite Carbon Extension Pole 11' makes a great addition to your HydroPower® Ultra Advanced Kit. Suddenly, you're able to reach a whole new level of window-washing!

Don't be fooled by this ultra-lightweight carbon fiber pole--it is still plenty rigid, even when fully extended. Unger rates this pole at 100GPa (gigapascals). That doesn't mean much to me, so I converted it to pounds per square inch (PSI). Would you believe 145,038PSI? Now THAT'S strong!

And like the nLite Carbon Master Pole in your HydroPower® Ultra Advanced Kit, the extension pole telescopes out, so you can control the length. Add a total of two extension poles to your master pole (so, if you have the advanced kit, you can add one more extension pole). One nLite Carbon Master Pole + two HiFlo nLite Carbon Extension Poles = 44 feet!

Unger's telescoping waterfed poles mean you can safely and effectively clean windows and other glass surfaces from the ground. Their unique deionizing resin removes all impurities from the local water source, so you won't have to use any kind of chemical or even a squeegee to get sparkling-clean, streak-free windows. Your customers will love them! And you'll love your new, profitable upsell that you can add to your bag of tricks.


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