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Flojet Pump Rebuild Kit

Flojet Pump Rebuild Kit

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The Flojet Pump Rebuild Kit includes everything you will need to replace the diaphragm in your Flojet pump:

  • Viton piston
  • piston retainers
  • Viton diaphragm
  • Santo diaphragm
  • stainless steel washers

We purchase these kits directly from Xylem, the manufacturer of Flojet pumps. So you can be assured that all parts are OEM (Original Equipment from the Manufacturer).

When you received your Kingslinger, you should have also received a pump manual. You can refer to this manual for disassembly and reassembly instructions as well as detailed parts diagrams. If you cannot locate your copy of the manual, click to view Flojet Pump Manual for helpful parts diagrams and instructions.

If you will be pumping oils or solvents (including soap with solvents), Xylem recommends Viton diaphragms. Because of this, we recommend that if you replace the diaphragm in your Kingslinger pump, we recommend using the Viton diaphragm. Viton fittings stand up to bleach better than Santo fittings. Every Kingslinger that we build includes a pump with Viton diaphragms, never Santo. We use Viton fittings, so we sell Viton fittings.

If you have a 10gpm Kingslinger and need to replace diaphragms in both pumps, you will need to order a second Flojet Pump Rebuild Kit.

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