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FloJet Mini Accumulator

FloJet Mini Accumulator

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This FloJet Mini Accumulator can be used on the Kingslinger Soft Wash System as well as a 12V soft wash pump like used on The Soft E.  The accumulator works to cause less stress on the pump.  When you pull your trigger the mix is pumped into accumulator, and then is pulled from the accumulator.  Especially useful on 12V pumps as it allows you to use any nozzle you want, without causing over cycling of the pump. So, you can use lower GPM nozzles and not worry about burning up your pump, due to the over cycling of the pump. For optimum performance, the air pressure may be adjusted to 3 PSI lower than the pump switch-on pressure.  The compact design allows you to install in compact places and it can be mounted in any position.

  • Pre Charged to 10PSI
  • Operating System pressure up to 125PSI
  • Smooth Flow; reduced cycling
  • Compact design for smaller systems and spaces
  • Fluid capacity 21.5 ounces (0.6 liters)
  • Can be mounted in any position

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