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Flexzilla 5/8 Soft Wash Hose

Flexzilla 5/8 Soft Wash Hose

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If you are using a larger size pump like a 5GPM or 7GPm 12V pump then this is the hose you want to use.  I don't recommend the 1/2 inch flexzilla for these pumps as they can cause too much restriction.  For the Big Slinger Soft Wash System or The Soft E this is the size hose you want use.

Rated for 150 PSI

For the Kingslinger Soft Wash System I use and recommend the 1/2 inch Flexzilla Hose or the Soft Jet 1/2 inch hose

I have an awesome Online Pressure Washing School that is perfect if you are just starting a pressure washing business.  You can also get some great tips at my You Tube Channel.  If you have any questions about our products please use the CONTACT FORM

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