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Fan Tip Nozzle

Fan Tip Nozzle

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Fan Tip Nozzle Size

Fan Tip Nozzle

These stainless steel 1/4-inch meg Fan Tip Nozzles are the industry standard for pressure washing nozzles. They come in a variety of angles and orifice sizes.

What do those nozzle numbers mean? The first two numbers (usually 00 or 25) represent the angle (in degrees) of the spray coming out of the nozzle. A nozzle with a 0° angle (or 00) would produce a solid stream of water--this is what we would call a shooter tip. Fan Tip Nozzles (the water comes out in the shape of a fan) will always start with numbers other than 00. 

Nozzle Angles

00--0°, shooter tip
05--5°, aggressive, used in sludge pumps
15--15°, used in industrial applications and car washes
25--25°, used in surface cleaners and self-service car washes
40--45°, good for arches, high pressure, or automatic applications
65--65°, commonly used for soaping

Nozzles are also available in 50° and 80° angles, but these are less commonly used.

Orifice sizes

The second two (or three) numbers represent the orifice (opening) size. In our shop, we typically stock nozzles with orifice sizes from 02 to 60. We do have a few nozzles in size 70. You choose your orifice size based on a number of factors including the flow rate (GPM) of your pressure washer and what you are trying to do. In general, smaller orifices give higher pressure than larger orifices. But you don't want to go too low, or you can overload your pressure washer.

If you have questions about which nozzle to use, you can check the collections we suggest for JROD Nozzle Kits. We give Doug's recommendations for downstreaming with a 3GPM, 4GPM, 5GPM, or 8GPM pressure washer as well as for soft washing with a 4GPM, 5GPM, or 7GPM pump. We also have recommendations for use with the Kingslinger.

Check out my Online Pressure Washing School that will help you drastically cut your learning curve. You can also get some great Pressure Washing tips and tricks at my YouTube Channel.  As always, if you have any questions I can help you with, please use our CONTACT FORM.

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