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F9 Double Eagle Degreaser

F9 Double Eagle Degreaser

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Pulls “double” duty as a degreaser and a neutralizer!

F9 Double Eagle Degreaser serves a "double" purpose. It works great on dumpster pads, loading docks, gas stations, parking garages, and just about any hard surface. Works as a degreaser on oil, hydrocarbon, food stains, and tire marks. In addition, it also neutralizes battery acid. You can even use it to neutralize F9 BARC or F9 Efflo if needed.

 F9 Double Eagle SDS

A very safe, fast, and efficient product, it can cut your dwell times down to as little as 5 minutes and clean heavy oil stains in just one pass! This highly concentrated, foaming-action alkaline detergent works great as a cleaner, degreaser, and neutralizer. Formulated with alkaline builders, emulsifying agents, and biodegradable surfactants.


  • Cuts Heavy Oils and Soils
  • Works Quickly With Fast Dwell Times
  • Does Not Contain Sodium Hydroxide
  • Safe For Most Surfaces
  • Biodegradable
  • Phosphate-Free

F9 Double Eagle is the first step in the F9 Restoration Process. Follow it up with F9 Groundskeeper for that one-two punch!

Shelf life of F9 Restoration products, if brand-new, unopened product:

  • BARC = 5 years
  • Double Eagle = 5 years
  • Efflo = 2 years
  • Groundskeeper = 2 years

If opened, cut those numbers by half approximately.

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