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F9 BARC Rust Remover

F9 BARC Rust Remover

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For professional contractor purchase only.

The F9 BARC Rust Remover is manufactured and designed for safely removing fertilizer and battery acid rust stains safely. Please use proper PPE when using any chemical. For professional contractor purchase only.


  • Used to hide Fertilizer and Battery Acid Stains
  • The safest Rust Removal product you can use
  • Also can be used for removing rust stains caused by irrigation systems, HVAC systems, and other causes
  • We have safely used on windows and roofs, but do not let it dry on these surfaces.

Shelf life of F9 products:

If brand new product, unopened:

  • BARC = 5 years
  • Double Eagle = 5 Years
  • Efflo = 2 years
  • Groundskeeper = 2 years

If opened, cut those numbers by half approximately.

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