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Drain Cleaning Jet Nozzle

Drain Cleaning Jet Nozzle

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Spray Pattern

Choose your nozzle based on the GPM of your pressure washer.

Want to add drain cleaning or jetting to your pressure washing business? You will need a special Drain Cleaning Jet Nozzle.

Do you really need a special nozzle to clean drains? In a word, yes.

While normal pressure cleaning tips spray, shoot, and fan, they do that in one direction: away from the end of the hose. Jetting nozzles (also called sewer nozzles) spray away and towards the hose. Typically, two jets will spray forward, and three will spray backwards. This backwards spray helps propel your hose down the pipe you are trying to flush out. Otherwise, you'd be pushing against all the pressure anytime the water hit a clog.

These stainless steel nozzles are available as either fixed or rotating and in different sizes depending upon the GPM of your pressure washer. Doug has always used a fixed nozzle, but you may find a need for the extra agitation of the rotating nozzle.

Attach the nozzle to the end of your Drain Cleaning Jet Hose. Be sure to insert your hose into the pipe about 12 inches before powering up your pressure washer. You don't want all that spray coming right back at YOU. Insert the hose a few feet at a time, pause, and then back up about a foot or so before advancing another few feet. When you've got the drain cleared out, withdraw the hose slowly. Stop when you're near the opening of the pipe and turn of the machine before removing the hose completely. Remember: make sure the hose is in the pipe before you start or stop your pressure washer.

Choose your nozzle size according to your GPM:

  • 4.5 nozzle = 3-4 GPM
  • 5.5 nozzle = 5-6 GPM
  • 8.0 nozzle = 7+ GPM

We recommend using the Drain Cleaning Jet Nozzle and Drain Cleaning Jet Hose for outside drains, such as French or pool drains, and clogged gutters. We never use them on interior pipes. Leave that to the licensed plumbers.

I have an awesome Online Pressure Washing School that is perfect if you are just starting a pressure washing business.  You can also get some great tips at my You Tube Channel.

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