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Downstream Bypass Injector Kit

Downstream Bypass Injector Kit

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This is a downstream bypass injector kit that comes assembled or DIY and assemble it yourself. You will have to add chemical strainer and the length of hose you would need to reach your bucket or tank. This kit allows you to reach higher flow and pressure. When using a downstream injector, you lose a certain amount of flow, so by being able to bypass the injector, you are able to reach full flow for when you aren't using the injector. Saves a lot of time, especially when going from doing a house wash to cleaning concrete. Make sure you choose the GPM of your machine, either 5GPM or 8GPM. I personally use only 2.1 3-5GPM injectors for all my machines. The injector used is a high flow downstream injector.

DIY kit is shipped as Socket In/Plug Out.  If you need it Plug in/Socket out please indicate that in the notes of your order.

Downstream injectors will eventually fail so be sure to order a back up or 2 so you can keep on working. As with anything that bleach is run through, there is no warranty or guarantees on how long an injector will last.  Back ups are very important in this business.

This kit comes with the Ball Valve set up as a straight through for rinsing and the injector is in the loop.  It also comes with quick connects installed on the injector to allow for easy change outs when the injector goes bad.

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