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Diamond Magic Stain Remover

Diamond Magic Stain Remover

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Diamond Magic Stain Remover is made with real diamonds, removes water spots, and polishes surfaces.


  • Diamond Magic is a creme compound featuring a special formulation and real diamond dust. This combination makes a formidable stain remover and polishing compound
  • The secret of Diamond Magic is the use of multi-level sub-micron diamond dust, compounded with a compatible paste creating a synergy that cleans and polishes unpainted metal, glass, tile, and porcelain to near-new condition.
  • Diamond Magic is safe and accepted for registration by NSF international, the recognized arbiter of sanitary products of allowable non-food compounds for use in commercial kitchens.         
  • Ready to use. No mixing required.

Click for Diamond Magic Safety Data Sheet

Doug's Review: I love this product for removing water spot stains from windows and other surfaces. I use it for my vehicles and have also used for customers that have light hard water stains on their windows. It's a great up-sell and easy service to do.

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