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DECO TravaCast Travertine Sealer

DECO TravaCast Travertine Sealer

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DECO TravaCast Travertine Sealer is a single-component acrylic sealer designed to protect and enhance non-porous materials like Travertine, Spanish Tile or Natural Stones. Deco Product's TravaCast has excellent chemical resistance and durability to water blushing. TravaCast has superior adhesion to non-porous concretes and tiles and comes UV protected.

  • Extra protection against most stains
  • Provides surface protection from possible damage
  • Looks more vibrant
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Helps reduce the chance of discoloration
  • Beautiful shine
  • Dries quick
  • Outlasts most other industrial coatings
  • Non- hazardous • Non- toxic • Non- flammable

With approximately 1500 Square feet of coverage DECO product can be used on non porous surfaces like Natural Stone, Travertine, Spanish Tiles, and non porous Pavers.  Use sharp grip as an additive to prevent slipperiness of the surface.

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