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Brass Unloader Mounting Block

Brass Unloader Mounting Block

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This Brass Unloader Mounting Block gives you flexibility and stability when installing an unloader on your pressure washer.

Mount the block directly on your pressure washer frame, truck, or trailer, and attach the unloader to the block. The block will act like a shim. You'll minimize vibration to the pump and unloader and extend the lives of both.

The two female ports allow you to connect your unloader on one side and a whipline on the other. Choose from 3/8" and 1/2" FPT ports. Mounting hardware is included.

You can use a Brass Unloader Mounting Block with any of the Pressure Actuated Unloader Valves that we offer here at Remember to choose your unloader based on the PSI and flow rate of your pressure washer, and be careful not to leave your pressure washer in bypass mode for extended periods to avoid damaging your pump.

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