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Banjo Threaded Hose Barbs

Banjo Threaded Hose Barbs

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These are the same Banjo Threaded Hose Barbs that we use as inlets and outlets for the Kingslinger. They are available in both straight and 90-degree elbows in various sizes. We install elbows as outlets on all of our Kingslingers.  We find they can help reduce the amount of space needed for your equipment just a bit. Sometimes that extra couple inches makes a difference.

Banjo makes these of Schedule 80, glass-reinforced polypropylene. They can withstand temperatures from -20 to 150 degrees F and pressure up to 300psi. The 1-1/8" hex fitting makes installing these Banjo threaded hose barbs so easy.  Just be careful not to over tighten them. We also recommend NOT using Teflon tape with these fittings. 

Make sure to match both the size of the pipe threading (indicated by MPT) as well as the size of the barb to the hose. If you're getting replacement fittings for our GF mixing station or a Kingslinger, you'll want to choose 1/2"MPT and then the correct barb for your hose size.

Pro tip: put a little soap on the barb before you insert it in your hose to make it slide right on.


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