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Asahi Ball Valve

Asahi Ball Valve

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This is an Asahi Ball Valve that is sometimes used on blend systems for the water valve.  We've had many customers that prefer to use an open ball valve for water, when we build the their rig.  We use these on our Kingslinger Soft Wash System, The Soft E 12v Electric system, and have also used them on the P40 Gas Powered Systems.   It really is a matter of preference if you want to use one of these versus the metering valve version.  You can save a few dollars by using a ball valve thats for sure.  I personally like using a metering valve on both my water and my bleach.  I never use a valve for surfactant, which is basically your soap. I just add it to my bleach.  I've never found the need to meter soap.

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