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ADF200 Tank Mount Adapter

ADF200 Tank Mount Adapter

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When you want a more solid mount for your Jobe float valve, choose the ADF200 Tank Mount Adapter. This adapter simplifies and solidifies the installation of your Megaflow or Topaz 3/4” float valve into your tank. It works similarly to the ADF100 NPT/FGH Garden Hose Adapter, allowing you to connect a common garden hose to the NPT threads of the valve. But the two nitrile seals--one on either side of the tank wall--provide for extra stability.

The adapter measures 3/4" FGHT x 3/4" FNPT and fits easily on most poly or galvanized tanks. The offset 3/4" inlet gives added clearance for the float valve from the tank bottom. Like the ADF100 NPT/GFH adapter, the ADF200 uses a backnut design, so your garden hose won't get twisted up.

Jobe has made this out of tough, UV-reinforced nylon material to last a long time. It uses two nitrile seals to prevent leaks. It is rated to a max pressure of 150PSI.

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