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4000 PSI Whip Line/Connector

4000 PSI Whip Line/Connector

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A Whip Line/Connector Hose is a short length of pressure hose. These short hoses are usually crimped with an MPT swivel at one end and an MPT solid fitting at the other. You can use a whip line to connect different components of your pressure washing rig. For example, you might use one to connect your skid-mount pressure washer to your hose reel. You may use one coming off your unloader to feed back into your pressure washer. We use them when assembling Downstream Bypass Injector Kits as well as several other products.

We offer whip lines in a variety of lengths because every pressure washer's rig is different. Perhaps your equipment setup is compact, allowing you to use a short whip line--you might be able use three- or four-foot hose. Maybe you need to connect your tank at one end of the trailer to your hose reel at the other end. In that case, a ten- or fifteen-foot whip line would be a better choice.

Our supplier makes whip lines out of the scrap ends of pressure hose, so the colors may change from shipment to shipment. Some of our whip lines are gray, some black, and some blue. No matter the color, we have a Whip Line/Connector Hose to fit your need.

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