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3 Way Mounting Base

3 Way Mounting Base

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This is a 3 way mounting base for the 1/4" 3 way poly valve. VALVE SOLD SEPARATELY.  I use this on my truck and trailer for easy mounting of the 3 way valve used for downstreaming.  It is especially useful for those that use the Flow Pro Remote Control System and wanting to be able to rinse out your injector easily. The mounting base does not come with the  3 way poly valve.

The picture in the video is of the old metal one we use to sell.  We now sell it in a plastic version made of PLA (Polyactide) which has allowed us to reduce the cost.

The bottom barb goes to your injector, and then you plumb one side to the bleach tank, and one side to the water tank. When using the flow pro, I make sure the lever is turned to draw from the bleach tank.  Every time I press mix on the remote, the bleach is drawn through the injector.  At the end of a job, I then change the lever to draw from the water tank, I press mix, and it draws water only, and rinses the injector with clean fresh water.

You can use the 3 way mounting base with or without a remote system. In fact it makes an easy way to switch from bleach to water mix if you use a manual downstream bypass system.  Or, if you don't have a bypass system, you can use the 3 way just to switch from water to bleach mix.

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