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X-Jet Pail System

X-Jet Pail System

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No more spills! The enclosed X-Jet Pail System is a great accessory to the X-Jet nozzle. With its 5-gallon pail and custom-made cap, shaft, and elbow combination, you won't have to worry about spills. Simply remove the screen and barb from your X-Jet hose, connect the hose to the pail system, and you're in business. Remove small cap on pail to vent, and keep cap in safe place until you are done using then pail.  Once done, replace cap to prevent leaks while transporting.

You can also easily use this pail for downstreaming by removing the drop stick and inserting your siphon tube inside, or replace the 3/8 barb with a 1/4 barb fitting and connect directly.

Be sure to check out the videos below on my take on the ole X-jet vs Downstream debate, as well as how to modify your X-jet so you can eliminate all the mist and atomization the original X-Jet provides.

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